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most vertical primate

April 9, 2008

that’s my werd episode 2

is now up and LIVE!!! featuring special guest fatt matt



April 8, 2008

if you live in vancouver or ever travel to vancouver and are interested in trying some delicious food of the sandwich variety, Social, is a must. they have a restaurant, an oyster bar and a deli. ive only hit up the deli. The sandwiches there are amazing! for $10 you get this massive 4 part sandwich. i like to split it with a friend $5 each or save the 2nd half for the next day because after eating half of this sandwich im full as eff! they also come with these homemade chips, if youre lucky enough to get there befoer the vultures do.
it is located in gastown 332 Water Street.

i advise you try it out. i just ate my 2nd half and i am stuffed. time for a nap.