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Graffiti – POS in Toronto pt.1

October 2, 2008

Graffiti – POS in Toronto pt.1

…a member of POS took a trip
Live in Toronto with another writer named Bella

to clear up any confusion, Bella is NOT in POS Crew.

POS 10 year anniversary DVD coming soon…

Song : Ghetto Concept – EZ on the motion


that’s my werd – episode 05 *birdapres*

September 16, 2008

that’s my werd – episode 05 *birdapres*

Graffiti – POS in Dominican Republic pt. 1

September 3, 2008

Graffiti – POS in Dominican Republic pt. 1

Graffiti – POS bombing

September 1, 2008

defenders of the faith

August 6, 2008

Representing Vancouver to the fullest. if yall never seen these videos check them out now.
these cats held it down hard for our city. it’s too bad they didnt get the support they deserved. well maybe they did, i just didnt see any result of it. if that makes sense at all

Checkmate & Concise – Would you

Checkmate & Concise – These Days and Times

Checkmate is a Canadian hip hop artist from Vancouver. He is most known for the 1998 single “Northern Touch” which featured Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Rascalz and Thrust. He has also done work with Rascalz out side Northern Touch. His 2002 album R.A.W. was nominated at the 2003 Juno Awards

Racist remarks lead to beatdown!

April 21, 2008

Brutal swarming in Montreal caught on tape

‘An attack of this type, we don’t see much here,’ police say
Jorge Barrera, Canwest News Service Published: Sunday, April 20, 2008

follow this link for the video

Montreal police are investigating the brutal beating of two young men who were swarmed Friday on a downtown city street in an incident allegedly sparked by racial taunts hurled at a group of black people, according to an Internet video of the pummeling.

The 23 second beating left the two Waterloo, Ont., men, aged 23 and 26 years, lying like they were dead on the pavement as bystanders laughed and hooted. A female voice is also heard repeatedly yelling “that’s nigger right there, ha, ha.” As several people gathered around the men’s prostrate bodies someone is heard saying “don’t touch their necks man, watch their necks” before police and paramedics arrived. A male voice close to camera then says: “Stupid idiot, why would he say that?”

more here

some more good ol canadian hiphop

April 15, 2008

azrael – ask feat. kaboom – prod. by. aalo guha

artist: azrael featuring kaboom
song: ask
produced by: aalo guha
directed by: popsicle pete of triforce omega and POS Crew

Canadian Government Shirks Hip-Hop Funding

April 15, 2008

According to a report from The Canadian Press posted today on The Globe and Mail’s website, only four hip-hop acts received federal grants in 2007. That’s a miniscule number compared to artists of other musical persuasions who won monetary favour from The Canada Council for the Arts.

This revelation is particularly shocking in an age when Canadian hip-hop has grown far beyond the roots planted by pioneers like Maestro Fresh-Wes and Dream Warriors. Think of the hip-hop talent blossoming across the country, from mainstream flirters like Cadence Weapon, Buck 65, K-OS and Kardinal Offishall, to lesser known but viciously potent rising artists like Abdominal, K’naan, Grand Analogue, Sixtoo, DL Incognito and Ghislain Poirier.

Even though three of Canada’s ten bestselling digital tracks in 2007 were hip-hop, according to SoundScan (though none were actually by Canadian artists), and Canadian hip-hop acts continue to gain critical notoriety and commercial success at home and abroad, it seems that this musical form lacks the respect and support afforded other genres by the federal agency committed to encouraging the arts.

Environmentally focused rapper Freeworm was given a grant, solo artists Red 1 and Kid Koala received professional development grants, and Aboriginal group [ed. artist] Eekwol was awarded a grant through the council’s Aboriginal Peoples Music Program.

By Scott A. Gray – Read Full Story Here

Maestro Fresh-Wes – Drop The Needle

DL Incognito – Live In My Element

thanks for noyz319 at UGSMAG for pointing this out!

vancouver based

April 9, 2008



Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Voice yours at

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Beijing, China
Executive Creative Directors: Nils Andersson, Wilson Chow, Andrew Lok
Creative Directors: Andrew Lok, Wilson Chow
Copywriters: Matthew Curry, Andrew Lok
Art Directors: He Shi Yang, Wilson Chow, David Seah, Nils Andersson
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Greenpeace, originally known as the Greenpeace Foundation, is a group founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1971 to oppose the United States testing nuclear devices in Alaska. The focus of the organization later turned to other environmental issues, and it has become known for its campaigns against whaling, bottom trawling, global warming, ancient forest destruction, nuclear power, and genetic engineering. Greenpeace has national and regional offices in 28 countries, and a presence in 42 countries worldwide, all of which are affiliated to the Amsterdam-based Greenpeace International. The global organization receives its income through the individual contributions of an estimated 2.8 million financial supporters, as well as from grants from charitable foundations.

Canadian Rap

April 8, 2008

here’s a video i did for Deezuz featuring Jeff Spec. Engineer is on the production. Deezuz is representing straight out of Calgary… peep game
just a quick street video to create a buzz for Deezuz album ‘Souldenera’
you can also download the mp3 here

Deezuz – Gamble feat. Jeff Spec

Song: Gamble
Artist: Deezuz feat. Jeff Spec
Director: Werd
Produced by: Engineer
Album: Souldenera 2008
The album features 15 Tracks with guests such as Kool G. Rap, Buckshot, Sean Price, Joe Scudda and MORE!