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that’s my werd – episode 05 *birdapres*

September 16, 2008

that’s my werd – episode 05 *birdapres*



April 1, 2008

ive added a couple links to my blogroll.

im still bird

i’m still bird is a blog by birdapres. it has some nice reading material. birdapres is a talented rapper and from what ive gathered he knows a good deal about music. i was fortunate enough to be featured on one of his cds, Get it done, along with my boy jaykin.

here’s a video from birdapres and mcenroe. myself and seer are peppered throughout the video. BIG UPS!!

here’s one of the clips im in

to the nines

to the nines is a clothing company based out of vancouver. they have some fresh designs and are starting to create a little buzz around town. watch out for them!!!

team cream
team cream

team cream is a clothing company created by a talented young lady named december. you can check out her blog to enjoy a good read, buy some gear or find out when her next night she’s djing at.