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drug dealers have rocket launcher

April 4, 2008


POLK COUNTY, Fla. — A massive drug bust in Polk County led to the arrest of 30 people and several weapons, including a British-made rocket launcher used to intimidate neighbors and customers, according to investigators.
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this is bugged out. i mean this type of ish happens all over the world but its still a shock to see it go down.


you a german shepard, thats a back in the day dog

April 3, 2008


he had a buzz but now it’s somewhat fizzling out
he needs to come back…. pause… but on the real he’s grimey as fuck. heres a little stash of saigon goodies and he’s still so new in the game. certain similarities to myself… lived in a city but doesnt represent one particular hood cuz he moved around everywhere. got locked up for a bit. smacked the eff out of rappers for talking shit. rappers 😉 (one of us a ‘little’ bit better than the other) and damn i mean i put him onto just blaze. that was my connect and i told him:

‘it’s all good playa, ive had my minute in the light it’s your time to shine, heres JB’s number’

also reminds me of my dude furos

saigon – dont do that

saigon – letter p feat. kool g rap

saigon – stockin cap

saigon – favorite things

ill let you search youtube for more of his videos.. this just gives you a little sample of what he’s got (no homo)

that’s my werd

March 28, 2008

day 1

friday march 28th 2008
dont have much time to write for my first blog because it’s time to clock some time on the block aka go work at the bar. everyone and their moms has a blog page now, mine is no different except that it’s mine(though im sure somewhere in the fine print it belongs to someone else).

i just made a beat, ill POSt that later on. still using FL studio aka fruity loops. it’s half decent i would say, i might even use it for the POS mixtape that will be coming out this year. *update*
heres the link to the beat

watch out for that y’all!!!
here’s some footage from our last show at the biltmore cabaret.

thanks to Louvens, Lil D (, Mike (it's alive) for filming us that night!!!

we (952, werd, D Rec) Performed Our Set with the help of the It's Alive clothing company. much respect for the fly crew neck they hooked me up with to wear on stage!!! big ups to sewer on the illustration.
yo can find more on it's alive clothing here

we opened up for Shad K. he's a juno nominee. cool cat, just moved to vancouver. alongside us on the opening act list we're engine light and DJ Iilo. from what ive been informed there is already a Dj Iilo... oh well... they can figure it out themselves.
Description: Hosted in the newly renovated Biltmore Cabaret, "Somewhere between Rock, Rap and a Record Collection" is a mash of up of everything that represents Live Music. Shad K , fresh from his Juno nomination for 'Best Rap Recording of the Year', makes his first appearance back in Vancouver.

heres a link to one of shad's videos from an MTV performance


i will be starting my talk show this weekend hopefully. 'that's my werd'. first guests will be chadio and some other peoples. watch out for that, if you are interested in being a guest on the talk show contact me

to be continued...