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gangsta harmony

May 29, 2009

there are some joints on here that i can’t get enough of. bringing it back
mo b dick
how can you go wrong with an r&b name like that. no homo.


Gangsta Harmony is the debut album by singer/producer, Mo B. Dick. It was released on April 27, 1999 through No Limit Records and was produced by Mo B. Dick himself and the other members of Beats By the Pound. Gangsta Harmony wasn’t much of a success, only peaking at #66 on the Billboard 200 and #16 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.



May 13, 2009



i know you should go buy this, but i doubt any of yall will be buying KFC cd soon
sending this one out to “the dom one”

definition of ill

August 25, 2008

p asia

Planet Asia also known as King Medallions (real name Jason Green) is an underground hip hop rapper from Fresno, California who is a member of hiphop groups the Cali Agents, and Skhool Yard. He is also well known for his vast discography of mixtapes.

download Planet Asia – Planet Asia (1998) album

Planet Asia – Pure Coke

miscellaneous music

July 9, 2008

a bunch of links for downloads to albums and such

Joe Budden – the lost sessions



The Beatnuts are a hip hop group and production duo from Queens, New York City. Its current members are the Dominican producer-rapper JuJu (Jerry Tineo) and the Colombian producer-rapper Psycho Les (Lester Fernandez). JuJu is from Jackson Heights and Psycho Les is from Corona. The Beatnuts are the only Latino members of the Native Tongues Family. Although only peripheral members, they are routinely acknowledged by Q-Tip, who has shouted them out at least twice on record (once in 1991 and once in 1996).


kool g rap – half a klip

just like music

July 9, 2008


01 02:50 Bumpy Knuckles – We Gon Win (Prod By Pete Rock) ÛÛ
02 03:20 O.C – M.U.G Feat Freddie Foxxx ÛÛ
03 03:48 John Cena and The Trademarc – Flow East ÛÛ
(Feat Bumpy Knuckles) ÛÛ
04 04:26 Bumpy Knuckles – Devious Minds (Street) ÛÛ
05 04:09 Missin’ Linx – Family Ties Ft Freddie Foxx ÛÛ
06 05:08 The Almighty RSO – One In The Chamba ÛÛ
(The RSO Saga Part 1) ÛÛ
07 04:02 Playaz Circle – Paper Chaser ÛÛ
08 05:24 Boogie Down Productions – Ruff Ruff ÛÛ
(Featuring Freddie Foxx) ÛÛ
09 05:45 O.C. – Win The G (Feat. Bumpy Knuckles) ÛÛ
10 02:54 Big Shug – Sic A Nigguz Ft. Bumpy Knuckles ÛÛ
11 04:14 John Cena and The Trademarc – Keep Frontin’ ÛÛ
(Feat Bumpy Knuckles) ÛÛ
12 05:00 Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Money In The Back ÛÛ
(Feat. Large Professor, Freddie Foxxx & Ant Live) ÛÛ
13 05:01 Freddie Foxxx – Scram ÛÛ
14 04:48 Gang Starr – The Militia ÛÛ
(Feat Big Shug and Freddie Foxxx) ÛÛ
15 03:32 John Cena and The Trademarc – Bad Bad Man ÛÛ
(Feat Bumpy Knuckles) ÛÛ
16 03:27 Kool Keith – Keith N Bumpy ÛÛ
17 04:59 Naughty By Nature – Hot Potato ÛÛ
18 02:39 Da Beatminerz – How We Ride Ft Heather and Freddy ÛÛ
Fox ÛÛ
19 04:15 De La Soul Feat. Freddie Foxxx – U Don’t Wanna ÛÛ
Totals ÛÛ
19 79:41 min

shorty shitstain

July 6, 2008

Brooklyn Zu – God Bless Da Child

download the album

Brooklyn Zu

A group composed of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and his close associates 12 O’Clock, Shorty Shitstain, Murdock, Zu Keeper, Silkski, Buddha Monk, and Dthedragon on the westcoast.[citation needed] First heard on Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. The group has made a number of Wu album appearances since, and have also recorded a number of tracks which later appeared on Popa Wu’s Visions of the 10th Chamber. They were once collectively tied with the “old” United Kingdom group. 12 O’Clock is ODB’s younger brother. In summer 2008 they released an album called Chamber #9, Verse 32. It features several clan members, including the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, GZA, RZA, Shyheim, Prodigal Sunn, Killah Priest and Masta Killa.

shorty shitstain has got to be the one my favorite rap names of all time.

straight from QB

June 11, 2008

ACD – Korner Klaimers

ACD – Street Life feat. Mobb Deep

ACD one of queens bridges hottest groups out the hood!!!! On the grind since day one, with a track record that includes the hottest acts in the industry… Likes/Mobb Deep, Nore, Noyd, IM3, Nature, Bars N Hooks, Blitz, Tragedy, Lake, etc..

The Eclectic Mouse

May 26, 2008


The Eclectic Mouse

Eclectic Mouse is JOE N. CORRAL – flute, BARRY DOWNS – trumpet, TIM DOWNS – drums, KRISTEN ENGSTRAND – piano & organ, RICK FELIX – tuba (Yes, tuba!), STEVE FORMAN – percussion, BILLY GONZALES – trumpet, BEN HARVEY – trombone, DENNIS LYNDE – guitar, JERRY MANFREDI – bass, JOHN RENNER – tenor sax, ERNIE SANTOS – alto sax, JOHN SMART – french horn (Yes, that too!).

From Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson:

“Nicely packaged to look like an EMI or Harvest import (just so we knew it was sophisticated) this concept album is basically the vision of one individual… Steve Forman. Subtitled “Suite for voice, wind ensemble, percussion and electric instruments” it fits into an odd catagory of big band music that was at the same time ambitious and experimental in all the best ways one could be at the end of the sixties. A very interesting record, not always rock or psych – there are no fuzz guitars (well maybe once) and sometimes there are effects on the vocals. Lyrically it is “deep”, stylistically eclectic. Kind of like Lionel Bart directing a Three Dog Night / Grand Wazoo collaboration with Gary Usher producing. There are no song titles, just six movements.

“A quote from the inner sleeve notes: “Musicians are challenging the long accepted borders separating popular and intellectual music, expanding the musical vocabulary on both sides. The styles are blending and the stereotypes are disappearing. Today’s competent American musician must be as familiar with Eric Clapton and Sly Stone as with Beethoven and Bartok, Miles Davis and Oliver Nelson, Jim Webb or Buck Owens. Past predjudices within the industry are becoming myths…”. It was recorded in Arizona.

the nonce – mixtapes

May 4, 2008

my boy back in the day used to sing this chorus and i never knew what it was… he always thought it was aceyalone… not the case.

the nonce – mixtapes

download the album click the link

he nonce – mixtapes

The Nonce is a rap duo from Los Angeles, California that was mainly active in the mid 1990s. Its members included Nouka Basetype (a.k.a. Sach) and Yusef Afloat, the latter of whom died from unknown causes. Their first full length album, World Ultimate, was released in 1995 and is considered an underground classic. The album is out of print and finding a tangible copy of the album is very difficult, some consider it a collector’s favorite. After World Ultimate came an EP, The Sight of Things in 1998. Their second full effort, Turn it Out, followed in 1999. In 2005, previously unreleased material from The Nonce was given proper issue in the form of two albums: Advanced Regression and The Right State of Mind. Sach released a solo album titled 5th Ave. after the death of Yusef Afloat.

joe budden – lost sessions

April 21, 2008


Track List:

1. Is This My Life feat. Ransom
2. Blackout Freestyle
3. Five Alarm Blaze Freestyle
4. Heartbeatology
5. Nobody Loves Me feat. Stack Bundles
6. You’ll See Freestyle feat. Ransom
7. Nastradamus Freestyle
8. Interview Part 1
9. Boy Looka Here Freestyle
10. Banned From TV Freestyle feat. Stack Bundles
11. Shit Hits The Fan Freestyle feat. J.Conway
12. It Blows My Mind Freestyle
13. Breathe Freestyle
14. Not Your Average Joe
15. Interview Part 2
16. You Know What’ll Happen feat. Stack Bundles
17. This Gangsta Ft. Beanie Sigel
18. Whats Good
19. One Two Freestyle feat. Fabolous
20. Seen It All Before feat. Stack Bundles
21. Reservoir Dogs Anthem feat. Stack Bundles
22. Interview Part 3
23. When Animals Attack Freestyle feat. Hitchcock
24. Shut’em Down Remix Ft. Geolani, Fabolous & Hitchock (Produced By Metro Beats)
25. Two Sides Of A Coin Remix Ft. Cambatta (Produced By DJ Nice of Crack City)

Joe Budden – Pump It Up