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Scientist on the Verge of Creating Invisible Man

September 30, 2008

INVISIBILITY devices, long the realm of science fiction and fantasy, have moved closer after scientists engineered a material that can bend visible light around objects.

The breakthrough could lead to systems for rendering anything from people to large objects, such as tanks and ships, invisible to the eye – although this is still years off.

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, whose work is funded by the American military, have engineered materials that can control light’s direction of travel. The world’s two leading scientific journals, Science and Nature, are expected to report the results this week.


del the funky homosapien

September 19, 2008

show me your genitals

September 19, 2008

he has some dumb ass songs on his youtube. check em out!

September 17, 2008

How White People See Rap Battles

September 17, 2008

this is absolutely hilarious. some people use that ‘too much time on their hands’ for good reasons sometimes.

that’s my werd – episode 05 *birdapres*

September 16, 2008

that’s my werd – episode 05 *birdapres*

graphic design

September 11, 2008

my good friend and fellow crew member Paul Chun has recently revealed his online portfolio.
check his work out, always inspiring to a fellow graphic designer like myself.

Graffiti – POS bombing 02

September 11, 2008

POS DVD coming soon…
98 & beyond…

Graffiti – POS in Dominican Republic pt. 1

September 3, 2008

Graffiti – POS in Dominican Republic pt. 1

Graffiti – POS bombing

September 1, 2008