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that’s my werd episode 04

August 27, 2008

that’s my werd – episode 04 *to the nines & POS*


definition of ill

August 25, 2008

p asia

Planet Asia also known as King Medallions (real name Jason Green) is an underground hip hop rapper from Fresno, California who is a member of hiphop groups the Cali Agents, and Skhool Yard. He is also well known for his vast discography of mixtapes.

download Planet Asia – Planet Asia (1998) album

Planet Asia – Pure Coke

made in queens

August 13, 2008


found on weheartstuff
Whilst most city types are making their bikes as light as possible for ease and speed, there are a group of young Trinidiadians who are loading as much as they humanly can to their BMX bikes in an attempt to get as much wattage as they can for their old school sound rigs. Made In Queens is the short film directed by Nicolas Randall and Joe Stevens for MTV2 which documents this group of innovative teens.

is a hump on a camel?

August 13, 2008

Un Pacino & Hardwhite – Freestyle 2

i can’t get enough of rap like this. grimey as eff… just talking shit about slanging and being raw (no omar).
hard ass beats… stack bundles up in the video too R.I.P.

this is what i try to watch every friday

August 10, 2008

Jim Breuer – Alcohol

graffiti it’s a (fun) crime

August 6, 2008

POS Graffiti – 952, Logek, Werd

POS Graffiti

952, Logek, Werd

if anyone is interested in purchasing the t shirt you see in the video contact me

POS 10year anniversary DVD coming soon…


August 6, 2008

these are my peoples!!!
keeping everyone freshly dipped in the finest gear




defenders of the faith

August 6, 2008

Representing Vancouver to the fullest. if yall never seen these videos check them out now.
these cats held it down hard for our city. it’s too bad they didnt get the support they deserved. well maybe they did, i just didnt see any result of it. if that makes sense at all

Checkmate & Concise – Would you

Checkmate & Concise – These Days and Times

Checkmate is a Canadian hip hop artist from Vancouver. He is most known for the 1998 single “Northern Touch” which featured Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Rascalz and Thrust. He has also done work with Rascalz out side Northern Touch. His 2002 album R.A.W. was nominated at the 2003 Juno Awards

where the wild things are

August 4, 2008

im pretty excited for this one… bringing back memories…

found on

Where The Wild Things Are Looking As Strong As Expected

Dave Eggers’ adaptation of children’s book Where The Wild Things Are is not expected until next year, but an apparent screen test circulating online is already drumming up more interest in the Spike Jonze film, if that’s possible. In a deleted post about the clip, Entertainment Weekly writer Adam Vary wrote, “the emotional impact of this scene is… readily apparent,” and mentioned “a peek at footage” he got last fall, in which “I was totally hooked from the first frame.” (It’s not clear why Vary’s post was pulled, but it’s worth noting that his magazine’s parent company is producing the film.) Director Spencer Sloan is “more excited for the real deal than [I] ever thought possible. This is pitch perfect.” All this just adds to the buzz around the film, whose script New York magazine called “really, really good” in the fall. The clip is after the jump, but here’s a question while you watch, via Sloan: Who is voicing wild thing Carol?

make em say ughh

August 4, 2008

a few POSts ago i had was about Pen and Pixel (see POSt for more information). well a guy from pen and pixel, which is no longer existent, hit up my blog with a comment. i was pretty excited about that. now, a member of No Limit has hit up my blog with a comment aimed the guy from Pen and Pixel. that makes me even more excited. internet is messed up. who wouldve thought some cat from eastvan would have someone from down south reading what i have to say.
here’s what i was talking about:

Shawn Brauch Says:
July 22, 2008 at 12:05 am
Yes, indeed, there were over 19,000 covers done by Pen and Pixel from 1992-2002. The company grew at a rate over 500% a year and was responsible for 2.4 billion dollars in record sales. Pen and Pixel also won 85 Platinum and Gold RIAA awards as well as the Source music award and countless other accolades. The company is no longer in business but you can still get great information on blogs like this. Let me know if you would like any more info.
Shawn Brauch (the guy in the video talking with Louis)

werd Says:
July 22, 2008 at 11:46 am
thanks shawn!
i feel privelaged that shawn has graced my blog
it’s a shame that pen n pixel is no longer ruling over the game. i guess everyone and their mom has photoshop now…

No Limit Says:
August 4, 2008 at 3:03 pm
Shawn is a fuckin 2 face. His new company is shit. Ask for the real deal tell him to prove the awards.