we used to talk and laugh all night girl

aaron hall – i miss you

little throw back here. i miss 90’s r n b. thats my shit right there.
i used to bump this when i was a little shit stain. at times like im going through right now this is a tough one to listen to.

while were on the subject here’s a joint that i found recently that ive been looking for, for ages.
i always thought it was tevin campbell that sang it but it was jesse powell.

Jesse Powell – you

damn i can’t be watching these videos right now i might have to jump off a bridge. on the real though.
it’s messed how we choose to listen, read, watch things that are sad when we are feeling down. i say we cuz ive talked to other people who do the same thing.

honestly though, im glad i grew up in the era i did and was able to enjoy the music when it came out…


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2 Responses to “we used to talk and laugh all night girl”

  1. K Says:

    Hey your right, when we down it seems like all we want to do is listen to the sad shit… i’ve got two theories bout that
    1- its cause we want to know that we ain’t the only sad ass losers sitting at home feeling sorry for themselves and
    2- it’s cause someone else has already put the werd on how we feeling out there so no need to repeat it if someone else alreasy said it so eloquently….

    i like the first theory the best…. but whatever keep your head up someone else is always going through rougher shit than you!

  2. teamcream Says:


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