mr. ice cream man

i never realized it was one group that did so many designs for southern rap artists of the 90’s.
everywhere you looked on the shelves these designs were blinging out of control! i used to love looking at the source ads in the back with all the different no limit cds and checking off the ones i had on my shelf.

British TV personality Louis Theroux visits Pen N’ Pixel Design Studios


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4 Responses to “mr. ice cream man”

  1. teamcream Says:

    good one on you for posting this! i enjoyed it.

  2. Shawn Brauch Says:

    Yes, indeed, there were over 19,000 covers done by Pen and Pixel from 1992-2002. The company grew at a rate over 500% a year and was responsible for 2.4 billion dollars in record sales. Pen and Pixel also won 85 Platinum and Gold RIAA awards as well as the Source music award and countless other accolades. The company is no longer in business but you can still get great information on blogs like this. Let me know if you would like any more info.
    Shawn Brauch (the guy in the video talking with Louis)

  3. werd Says:

    thanks shawn!
    i feel privelaged that shawn has graced my blog

    it’s a shame that pen n pixel is no longer ruling over the game. i guess everyone and their mom has photoshop now…

  4. No Limit Says:

    Shawn is a fuckin 2 face. His new company is shit. Ask for the real deal tell him to prove the awards.

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