being a canadian or anyone in the world infact, we are exPOSed to so much americanism. is this what america is?

Man Kills 2 . . . [Joe Horn – Full Tape]

Joe Horn Supporters Run Off Black Panthers (Uncut Version)

(Full, you listen, you decide, no News Reporting, no filtering, no bias)

Texans are debating if a man who said he was defending his neighbor’s property when he shot and killed two suspected burglars was within his rights. He shot the two at his lawn after he left his house…just listen for yourself.

Some think Joe Horn when too far when he shot and killed two men he believed were burglarizing his neighbor’s home.

as I said, I want you to hear and judge for yourself.

Rucks Russell and KHOU were the ones who broke the story that the criminals shot by Joe Horn, Miguel Dejesus and Diego Ortiz were criminal illegal aliens. They also went further and found that there is a organized Colombian crime wave and illegals are receiving Texas ID’s using false birth certificates.


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One Response to “USA”

  1. Meghan Says:

    okay well I watched all video’s with the exception of the middle one (10 min long one) I tried to watch it but it’s too loud and I dont understand whats going on – there is just a crowd following people around the neighbourhood screaming something I don’t understand.

    based on the first and last video I DO NOT think that Joe Horn should have shot them. Regardless of the fact that the burgalars were “getting away” Joe was told over and over again not to leave the house and not to shoot anyone and he straight up obstructed justice by doing that. The police were aware of the situation and were already on the way, Joe should have just listened to the cop. The police would have still figured all that stuff out about the fake papers even if the criminals didn’t get shot because it sounded like the cops showed up on site seconds after the shooting which means they would have been able to catch the columbian guys.

    Shit is just super wierd in the Southern States. Did you hear how he was all like “I have a right to shoot my gun and I have a right to protect my neighbours property” but I mean come on….. at what price. What are you protecting? a DVD player, or a computer etc. and regardless of the fact that you killed a criminal – you still killed someone… It’s still murder. Joe Horn is STILL A MURDERER. Fucking rednecks.

    I think people shoot guns to play God, not to “protect themselves”.

    Guns are lame.

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