Nas – untitled album

Nas – Breathe

this song and some of the other ones ive heard remind me of the ‘it was written’ era. such a good vibe . beats so mellow but hard hitting, stories to tell…

Nas – Nigger (The Slave And The Master)
Track 11 from the new mixtape Nigger Tape, hosted by Nas & DJ Green Lantern.

The Official track listing for the album Untitled: July 15 go Buy it.
honestly, im going to go buy this album just to support real music( i havent bought an album in probably 10 years).

1 Queens Get The Money
2 You Can’t Stop Us Now
3 Breathe
4 Make The World Go Round
5 Hero
6 America
7 Sly Fox
8 Testify
9 N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave and the Master)
10 Association
11 Fried Chicken
12 Project Roach
13 Ya’ll My Niggas
14 We’re Not Alone
15 Black President
16 Like Me (Amazon & iTunes Bonus Track)
17 Proclamation (iTunes pre-order only Bonus Track)


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