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leaving on a jet plane

June 23, 2008

just got back from being OT
travelling really opened my eyes up to a lot of ish, especially being in an country that has the conditions that Dominican Republic does. so amazing. i shall POSt pictures soon for now here is a video of the POS layover in Montreal.
btw Montreal is the supa dupa supa shit
and i crave smoked meat sandwiches



June 12, 2008

by far my favorite reaction ive seen

me, i was not fazed. it makes me sad to see stuff like that girls. what a waste.


June 11, 2008

definitely makes me want to step my game up


straight from QB

June 11, 2008

ACD – Korner Klaimers

ACD – Street Life feat. Mobb Deep

ACD one of queens bridges hottest groups out the hood!!!! On the grind since day one, with a track record that includes the hottest acts in the industry… Likes/Mobb Deep, Nore, Noyd, IM3, Nature, Bars N Hooks, Blitz, Tragedy, Lake, etc..

Nas – Be a Nigger too

June 9, 2008

Nas – Be a Nigger too

rik cordero
the jones experience

the new video from the nas album thats going to be coming out.
great direction. good to see videos like this getting play instead of bling bling all the time. some good artistic ability here.

to all the 80’s babies

June 9, 2008

Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen

taking a break from the ESM music video im working on… heard this on the radio at the cafe im at.
this chorus got me reminiscing. shorty shit stain having competitions of who can walk on their hands the furthest distance… sheeit
i remember when…
actually this is fitting, im heading to the caribbean on friday. well hopefully… never happy until the plane lands…

monkey business

June 5, 2008

using these cornball headlines i feel like a tabloid newspaper… sheeit.

StrangeRaw Video: Monkey Eats With Robotic ArmRaw Video: Monkey Eats With Robotic Arm
The Associated Press
In a high-tech variation of “monkey see, monkey do,” researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have taught two macaques to feed themselves with a human-like robotic arm using only signals from their brains. (June 2)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.

Strong Arm’d that hoe

June 5, 2008

Associated Press

PlusRaw Video: Jewelry Store Heist Caught on TapeRaw Video: Jewelry Store Heist Caught on TapeThe Associated PressGeorgia officials have released chilling surveillance video of 4 masked men storming a jewelry store inside a shopping mall. The footage shows the armed thieves smashing counters throughout the store and grabbing all the loot they could. (June 3)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.

hmm… wtf

June 2, 2008

what’s wrong with girls wearing fake hair, or drawing fake hair… yadda yadda… i dont mean weaves and such.. i mean mustaches and THIS! what the hell!!!