The Eclectic Mouse


The Eclectic Mouse

Eclectic Mouse is JOE N. CORRAL – flute, BARRY DOWNS – trumpet, TIM DOWNS – drums, KRISTEN ENGSTRAND – piano & organ, RICK FELIX – tuba (Yes, tuba!), STEVE FORMAN – percussion, BILLY GONZALES – trumpet, BEN HARVEY – trombone, DENNIS LYNDE – guitar, JERRY MANFREDI – bass, JOHN RENNER – tenor sax, ERNIE SANTOS – alto sax, JOHN SMART – french horn (Yes, that too!).

From Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson:

“Nicely packaged to look like an EMI or Harvest import (just so we knew it was sophisticated) this concept album is basically the vision of one individual… Steve Forman. Subtitled “Suite for voice, wind ensemble, percussion and electric instruments” it fits into an odd catagory of big band music that was at the same time ambitious and experimental in all the best ways one could be at the end of the sixties. A very interesting record, not always rock or psych – there are no fuzz guitars (well maybe once) and sometimes there are effects on the vocals. Lyrically it is “deep”, stylistically eclectic. Kind of like Lionel Bart directing a Three Dog Night / Grand Wazoo collaboration with Gary Usher producing. There are no song titles, just six movements.

“A quote from the inner sleeve notes: “Musicians are challenging the long accepted borders separating popular and intellectual music, expanding the musical vocabulary on both sides. The styles are blending and the stereotypes are disappearing. Today’s competent American musician must be as familiar with Eric Clapton and Sly Stone as with Beethoven and Bartok, Miles Davis and Oliver Nelson, Jim Webb or Buck Owens. Past predjudices within the industry are becoming myths…”. It was recorded in Arizona.


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