the nonce – mixtapes

my boy back in the day used to sing this chorus and i never knew what it was… he always thought it was aceyalone… not the case.

the nonce – mixtapes

download the album click the link

he nonce – mixtapes

The Nonce is a rap duo from Los Angeles, California that was mainly active in the mid 1990s. Its members included Nouka Basetype (a.k.a. Sach) and Yusef Afloat, the latter of whom died from unknown causes. Their first full length album, World Ultimate, was released in 1995 and is considered an underground classic. The album is out of print and finding a tangible copy of the album is very difficult, some consider it a collector’s favorite. After World Ultimate came an EP, The Sight of Things in 1998. Their second full effort, Turn it Out, followed in 1999. In 2005, previously unreleased material from The Nonce was given proper issue in the form of two albums: Advanced Regression and The Right State of Mind. Sach released a solo album titled 5th Ave. after the death of Yusef Afloat.


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