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tha carter III

May 31, 2008

im not the biggest fan of weezy’s shit post ’00 but he’s got some hits, thats for sure. plus he really knows how to pick the right beats, and he’s a great bidness man
anyways… this is a joint off carter III… beat is looney
ill POSt the leaked album soon nuff


Secret Society

May 31, 2008


more pictures

WARRIORS in a lost tribe of Indians in an Amazon jungle have aimed longbows at probably the first aircraft they have seen.

Brazil’s National Indian Foundation has confirmed Brazil’s last uncontacted Indian tribes has been spotted in the far western Amazon jungle near the Peruvian border.

The Indians were sighted in an Ethno-Environmental Protected Area along the Envira River in flights over remote Acre state, said the government foundation, known as Funai.

Funai said it photographed “strong and healthy” warriors, six huts and a large planted area. It was not known to which tribe they belonged.

“Four distinct isolated peoples exist in this region, whom we have accompanied for 20 years,” Funai expert Jose Carlos Meirelles Junior said in a statement.

Funai does not make contact with the Indians and prevents invasions of their land, to ensure “total autonomy” for the isolated tribes.

Survival International said the Indians were in danger from illegal logging in Peru, which is driving uncontacted tribes over the border and could lead to conflict with the estimated 500 uncontacted Indians now living on the Brazilian side.

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May 29, 2008


Grind is a documentary digging into the lives of cats around the world doing what they do best, for the loveand nothing else. I Also expose my view on life through the soundtrack and video clips. Full length out late 2008 with over an hour of exposure from some of the dopest artists in every medium in many different cities.

stole these from my classmate stephen

May 29, 2008

oh ye


this song hits the heart, on the real

May 28, 2008

Wu Syndicate – Where wuz heaven

this is that shit right there. For anyone that went through the struggle wherever youre from
this goes out to all the eastvan babies out there…
send this one out to jaykin too…

Wu-Syndicate is a rap group from Virginia consisting of Joe Mafia, Napolean and Myalansky (who has named himself after the real life gangster Meyer Lansky). They were originally called Crime Syndicate but changed their name to Wu-Syndicate when they signed to Wu-Tang Records and became Wu-Tang Clan affiliates. After debuting on the compilation Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm in 1998, their self-titled debut album Wu-Syndicate was released in 1999 on both Wu-Tang Records and their own label Slot Time Records. The album was, like most releases from Wu-Tang Clan affiliates during this time, moderatly successful in sales. Soon after the release there was a dispute of an unknown origin between the group and Wu-Tang Records and the group have since changed their name to The Syndicate to rid itself of the affiliation. However, they still had an active publishing deal with RZA. Joe Mafia released his debut solo album This One in 2002 and founded his own label called 58 West Diamond Street Records. Another group album is planned once Myalansky and Napolean are finished serving unrelated jail sentences and Myalansky also plans to finish his first solo album which he began work on before being incarcerated. Napoleon is currently working on his solo album, Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen, which is set to feature The Clipse, Ghostface Killah, Nicole Wray, Jim Jones, and more, along with his Syndicate comrads.

for those 80’s babies

May 27, 2008

didnt’ we all wish we could be that cool

Keith Olbermann

May 27, 2008

the internet is a wonderful thing at times. i would never have seen this if the internet wasnt around. i dont watch TV at all unless im at work(ha, that sounds funny). The internet also takes up too much of my little free time… augh.. time to replenish my liver…

Keith Olbermann delivers a special comment about Hillary Clinton and her recent reference to Robert Kennedy’s assassination and the inference to why she is continuing her campaign. “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it.”
She’s Sorry Again
I’m not saying she literally hopes he dies soon. (Plus, she’s apologized, so case closed, right?) But Hillary didn’t mean what she said this time just like she wasn’t exactly shouting out to hardworking white people, and Bill didn’t quite say Jesse equals Barack, and her surrogates never meant to push the whole image of him as a druggie in the ‘hood, and she never meant to reanimate the whole highly racial Jeremiah Wright hoo-ha by saying—gosh darn the timing, just as things were dying down—that he woulda never been her pick for pastor. But either Hillary Clinton is one smart, savvy, and occasionally even on-message politician—in which case she is well aware of what it means to reference the possible assassination of a black leader in this country—or she isn’t and doesn’t. It can’t be both.…

No such thing as an accident
I think we know exactly what Hillary meant:
“Nice nominee you got there… sure would be a shame if anything happened to him.”
Awfully big-hearted of her to be willing to stick around through August, just in case….

Justice – Stress

May 27, 2008

great video. sitting here watching it while flies start to gather and do the same dance they always do on my balcony and in my living room… why the heck are they flying? all the time… always… never stop… only to chill and lick something sugary… damn flies.. .annoying

Justice – Stress

trouble makers

May 26, 2008


Wu Members in Staten Island Part 1 of 2..

May 26, 2008

so as i mentioned before Rza is coming to town.. i got caught sleeping and forgot to buy my ticket early… i was going to buy my ticket today but supPOSedly it’s sold out… i gotta pull some strings…