NYGz bring NY bacK *edit*

these are my favorite duo to come out in a while
NYGz… so much soul. heres a couple goodies from their album “Welcome 2 G-Dom”
thanks to benny fresh for hooking up their latest

NYGz – Bow Down feat. blaq poet, rave roulet

*edit* the director for this video, willzwayfilm, just informed me that there will be a new version of the video on saturday being released. Ive taken the video down for now but the new version will be done soon!

NYGz – Ya Dayz R #’d produced by DJ premier


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2 Responses to “NYGz bring NY bacK *edit*”

  1. birdapres Says:

    Love this shit!!! Nice to see I’m not alone…

  2. frizzank Says:

    What’s good “Panch”? Its yo brotha’ from Algoa…. I was listening to “moment of truth” and thought about you when i heard “betrayal”…..I still have the unfinished drawing I Started… I’m just hitting you up to say You a real brotha’ man. I saw you guys’ video just now. Its tight! Keep it up. Well, my Brotha’ this is me I’m in long beach, ca. I touched down in 2001 been here ever since….. just trying to build. I have info. that may be beneficial towards you and yours… Get back at me…… you still in contact with mike? tell Primo I said what’s up and keep up the shizznit. P.S. How can i get GROUP HOME’s 1st album???????????????????

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