Racist remarks lead to beatdown!

Brutal swarming in Montreal caught on tape

‘An attack of this type, we don’t see much here,’ police say
Jorge Barrera, Canwest News Service Published: Sunday, April 20, 2008

follow this link for the video

Montreal police are investigating the brutal beating of two young men who were swarmed Friday on a downtown city street in an incident allegedly sparked by racial taunts hurled at a group of black people, according to an Internet video of the pummeling.

The 23 second beating left the two Waterloo, Ont., men, aged 23 and 26 years, lying like they were dead on the pavement as bystanders laughed and hooted. A female voice is also heard repeatedly yelling “that’s nigger right there, ha, ha.” As several people gathered around the men’s prostrate bodies someone is heard saying “don’t touch their necks man, watch their necks” before police and paramedics arrived. A male voice close to camera then says: “Stupid idiot, why would he say that?”

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One Response to “Racist remarks lead to beatdown!”

  1. kay Says:

    Well, i’m not one to condone beat downs but as a sistah, damn fools talking shit like that… you would think in the 21st Century people would have more sense that spit out some racial slurs.. C’mon… Why must the whites always be hatin on the brothas and sistahs!

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