i was listening to some music in my headphones and this came on… ive got some big ass headphones… reminiscent of the high school days… so listening to this song and wearing those headphones brought me back to better times… times of racking paint, bombing the city, macking ladies, house parties at sekos, before getting a criminal record, being a young shit stain messing around…
to sum it up this song sounds so ill when it’s heard in headphones… in comparison to the club, where it got so played because it was the only underground song to be played in a vancouver club…
it is also so fresh to here thru speakers at the beach with a backpack full of icy cold wobbly pops…

scroll down to download the hieroglyphics – 3rd eye vision album

hieroglyphics – you never know

heiroglyphics – 3rd eye vision

download album here


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