what the hell is this?


Because the world gives you enough tags.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Bombay, India
Creative Director: Denzil
Art Director: Timsy Gupta
Copywriter: Shivangini Parihar
Illustrator: Pranav & Timsy

so i guess they are trying to drive a point home about people being labeled… but honestly… do you have to use N***** and not only just use it but make it the largest word on the design? terrible design… just plain terrible and lazy. be more creative people!


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2 Responses to “what the hell is this?”

  1. malik m.l. williams Says:

    DId you catch the “Nigger” and “Paki” versions of the campaign? I’ve seen this blogged-about in a few places now and i’m still not sure how i feel about it. I’ll say that you’re the first i’ve seen who provides the creative credits, which kinda weakens some people’s speculations that maybe it’s all a hoax. Where did you come across it originally?

  2. malik m.l. williams Says:

    Oops. I meant “Faggot” and “Paki” in the comment i just left.

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