hip hop

percee p vs. lord finese

this is hip hop that can not be defined in a dictionary. this is true hip hop in it’s purest form. the stuff that dj premier, grandmaster flash, dougie fresh, run dmc, cold crush, crazy legs all represent, amongst hundreds of others.
new york has bred so much culture, and you wonder why i want to live there?

hip hop defined by wiki

Hip hop (also spelled hip-hop or hiphop) is both a cultural movement and a genre of music developed in New York City in the 1970s by African Americans and Latinos.[1] Since first emerging in The Bronx and Harlem[2], the lifestyle of hip hop culture has today spread around the world.[3]

Hip hop culture includes breakdancing (a street dance style done over funk or hip hop music rhythm breaks), graffiti (also known as ‘writing’), rapping, beat-boxing and hip-hop fashion (a style of dress).


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One Response to “hip hop”

  1. blackhoodiez Says:

    tuff tuff post …….. damn ….. hip hop all day

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