POS Crew

tonight we have a show at the Lamplighter. POS Crew not to be mistaken with Piece Of Shit the rapper. personally i have no beef with that other POS but his following seems to have a problem with us having the same name as him, even though we’ve had our name since ’98… anyways… hiphopers are lame, at times.
we have a show tonight! alongside Ty-C and Cyphanex. it was supPOSed to be with a live band aka members of it’s alive clothing. it is still with the live band but instead of being plugged in we are doing POS unplugged. not to sound soft and sentimental, but there is no mixing board there so we are just going to play with a single amp for the bass player.
we have a bunch of free shit to give away, so if anyone out there reads this before the night is over… come get some free stuff…

heres some pics from our past shows






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