Graffiti kids ratting on themselves…405_202458_228

Vancouver’s so called graffiti artists are unintentionally ratting on themselves

Saturday, April 05 – 05:24:58 PM Jim Goddard

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Vancouver Police Department’s Anti Graffiti Squad loves it when spray painters have a unique style. That’s because the squad has built up an extensive database of tags and graffiti that connects those spray painted or felt pen markings to an individual. More than 800 unique tags and graffiti scrawls are in the computer.

Constable Jana McGuinness says the police department does not look at graffiti as being art, but rather, a serious act of criminal mischief, “Absolutely, we would encourage people to report any activity like that, because that is considered a mischief when they’re defacing property. Whether it’s with a felt pen, a coloured marker or spray paint, it’s something we’ll follow up on.” McGuinness says while the graffiti writer might think it’s art it can cost thousands of dollars in damage.


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One Response to “Graffiti kids ratting on themselves”

  1. y'know Says:

    Bahhahahahah they have a cop squad for that lol!

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