you a german shepard, thats a back in the day dog


he had a buzz but now it’s somewhat fizzling out
he needs to come back…. pause… but on the real he’s grimey as fuck. heres a little stash of saigon goodies and he’s still so new in the game. certain similarities to myself… lived in a city but doesnt represent one particular hood cuz he moved around everywhere. got locked up for a bit. smacked the eff out of rappers for talking shit. rappers 😉 (one of us a ‘little’ bit better than the other) and damn i mean i put him onto just blaze. that was my connect and i told him:

‘it’s all good playa, ive had my minute in the light it’s your time to shine, heres JB’s number’

also reminds me of my dude furos

saigon – dont do that

saigon – letter p feat. kool g rap

saigon – stockin cap

saigon – favorite things

ill let you search youtube for more of his videos.. this just gives you a little sample of what he’s got (no homo)


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