The Rza

the Rza

so from what ive read, the Rza, is coming to Vancouver in 2008. DAMN!!!! that shit makes me bug the eff out… honest to goodness, one of the best producers and an ill mc. HUGE inspiration in life to me. album after album of amazing work. so if infact he’s coming to vancouver i definitely want to 1.attempt to get a picture with him 2. get a picture with him holding my painting i did of him… on some mail groupie shit… sheeeeit (said in a clay davis voice)

circa 2001-02ish


Rza – Deck the halls

Rza – tragedy

Rza – Brooklyn Babies feat. Masta Killa (i got a funny story to tell yall about masta killa, but that’s gotta wait for later)

Masta Killa – Old Man feat. ODB (RIP) & Rza

and a throwback… the Rza & ODB’s old group ‘All In Together Now’, this is from some talent show or some shit supPOSedly… a MUST WATCH!!!


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