a change gonna come

so i just got home and found a note stating that i had something to pick up at the POSt office. i recently went on a binge of ebay purchasing so i thought maybe, just maybe all that that i spent online would lead to something physical in my hands or on my feet or on my lower body… anyways. behind that note was a letter from the government. one of those familiar letters that looks like it may be a cheque of some sort. sure enough, opened the letter and wham bam thank you ma’am… part one of my tax
returns. $$$$. go get your tax return on!!!
shot callin and big ballin. the govt. has treated me well this year and this is only part one.
so i go to the POSt office and what is waiting for me, my PASSPORT!!!
finally. i look like a angry valet in my picture but cot damn, it’s my passport. time to go pass through some ports! literally. time to call ahead to find out what countries wouldnt mind having a convicted criminal spend some money in their land.


speaking on shot calling and big balling… here’s a little throw back for those who listen to that westcoast flavour. a couple goodies for you in fact.

whoridas – shot callin

young lay – playas ball
this is westcoast at it’s finest. such smooth beats with ill lyrics over it. im glad i was able to be alive at the time this shit came out.

and here’s another goodie from the H.N.I.C. (not hockey night in canada for all you hosers out there) prodigy featuring e money bags(RIP) and majestic
E Money Bags – Regulate


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