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harlem flashback

April 29, 2008

children of the corn – harlem USA


one of my works

April 29, 2008

dedicating this video right here to birdapres

i painted this piece for a friend who saw the original hanging on my wall(featured in ‘that’s my werd’ ep. 02). he asked to buy the original but i offered to recreate one for him. well here it is, the timelapse action of me painting. my ode to a vancouver landmark lost.

found in the vancouver sun

Drive-in burger joints and neon signs have been going steady since the ’50s. And in Vancouver, the perfect match was at Wally’s Burgers at 2703 Kingsway.

Countless motorists have passed by Wally’s classic sign, a kitschy red and green neon jumble that soared three storeys. Countless burger aficionados have chowed down on Wally’s Deluxe Wagon, a double patty monster on which you’re encouraged to pile on most anything you could ever dream of (including a hot dog).
Quality burgers have been Wally’s forte since an Austrian immigrant named Wally Stritzel started the restaurant in 1962, taking over from another burger joint called Harvey’s.

Li Wei Art

April 28, 2008

li wei

wei 2

wei 3

wei 4

GTA IV review

April 28, 2008


April 24, 2008

Notorious BIG – Everyday Struggle

this shit gets me in the zone

kangaroos are my new favorite animal

April 24, 2008

def. check out 1:38

this is a good watch too… they know exactly where to hit!!!

NYGz bring NY bacK *edit*

April 23, 2008

these are my favorite duo to come out in a while
NYGz… so much soul. heres a couple goodies from their album “Welcome 2 G-Dom”
thanks to benny fresh for hooking up their latest

NYGz – Bow Down feat. blaq poet, rave roulet

*edit* the director for this video, willzwayfilm, just informed me that there will be a new version of the video on saturday being released. Ive taken the video down for now but the new version will be done soon!

NYGz – Ya Dayz R #’d produced by DJ premier

R.I.P. KL (kamakaze) of Screwball whooohaaa!!!

April 23, 2008


as found on

This is the worst news I’ve heard in a long time – K.L. from Kamakazee/Screwball has passed away after an asthma attack. Kenny Lou might have seemed like “the other guy” from Screwball, but he was really the heart of the crew since the beginning. When they finally dropped the Y2K album in 2000 after years in the trenches and numerous delays, the rest of the team seemed to get the most attention. Hostyle was pushed into the spotlight with the “H.O.S.T.Y.L.E.” single, Poet had “F.A.Y.B.A.N.” and Kyron caused a media shit-storm with “I Shot Rudy”. K.L.’s solo joint on the LP – “Communications” – featured EZ Elpee on the beat and Killa Sha on the hook, but he seemed content to maintain his position as a true team-player. When things went sour within the group, he was the dude who had the heart to step-up to the plate and deal with it, as Jerry from Hydra explains:

Jerry Famolari: When we were on Tommy Boy, there were situations that created an uneasiness within the group. Tommy Boy was basically trying to divide and conquer. We had a Screwball package and our thing was we’re gonna do Screwball as the group, then there would be Poet’s solo album, Hostyle’s solo album, Kamakazee – which was KL and Kyron – and then there would be Kyron’s solo album and KL’s solo album. We were looking to get the most out of the group. The first guy we started working on was Hostyle. So we had about four records and we were trying to get additional money so we went and started showing Hostyle’s demo. Tommy Boy had the first look, so it was like, ‘Anything you guys do, let us see it before you guys shop it around’. We played them ‘H.O.S.T.Y.L.E.’ and they went crazy for that record, so they wanted to make it the single for the Screwball album. There was another record that we didn’t put on there because of that, so we took that off and it started creating a little uneasiness within the group. Every group has a front-runner, but it was tough because we put him up front for our first video. Tommy Boy saw what we saw in Hostyle. They were trying to talk to him behind our backs, certain things weren’t working out…Kyron got arrested, and things were falling apart so they were really trying to get Hostyle behind our back. He went and did some management deal with some girl, and KL and the group and I went crazy, and that’s where that song came about. Those rhymes were held-in for a while. Poet was the most bitter at him, and KL took the stab. KL just said ‘You know what? I’m just gonna unleash this, after I say this – then we’re cool’.

On the back of the Loyalty album we were told to look out for solo releases from all four members of the crew. K.L.’s was to be Da O.M.E.N., but based on what Jerry mentioned as far as how difficult it was to get the second record together, it’s tough to say how much progress was made on any of these (only Hostyle’s was ever released). Hostyle and Solo (aka Kyron) both went AWOL, but Kenny continued to rep the Kamakazee name and kept things moving with his cousin Blaq Poet. 2007 saw some new Screwball material hit the streets, and a mixtape called Screwball Classics recalled the old hits and introduced new members Scape and VS (aka Verse) to replace the “One-Eyed Maniac” and Kyron. Only a couple of weeks ago we heard Poet and K.L. spit live on the Squeeze ‘Em Radio 5 Year Anniversary. That may be K.L.s final recording.

Seeing as though Unkut Dot Com has always supported the Screwball movement to the fullest, it’s only right that I compiled some of Kenny Lou’s finest work. Rest In Peace to one of the Bridge’s true veterans of street rap. And let’s not forget R.I.P. to Louis Chandler aka

Screwball – Who Shot Rudy?

Screwball – H.O.S.T.Y.L.E

shabazz the disciple

April 22, 2008

shabazz is that dude… madd grimey. wu tang fam. brooklyn. what more could you ask for. sheeit

shabazz the disciple – brooklyn niggas

Racist remarks lead to beatdown!

April 21, 2008

Brutal swarming in Montreal caught on tape

‘An attack of this type, we don’t see much here,’ police say
Jorge Barrera, Canwest News Service Published: Sunday, April 20, 2008

follow this link for the video

Montreal police are investigating the brutal beating of two young men who were swarmed Friday on a downtown city street in an incident allegedly sparked by racial taunts hurled at a group of black people, according to an Internet video of the pummeling.

The 23 second beating left the two Waterloo, Ont., men, aged 23 and 26 years, lying like they were dead on the pavement as bystanders laughed and hooted. A female voice is also heard repeatedly yelling “that’s nigger right there, ha, ha.” As several people gathered around the men’s prostrate bodies someone is heard saying “don’t touch their necks man, watch their necks” before police and paramedics arrived. A male voice close to camera then says: “Stupid idiot, why would he say that?”

more here