that’s my werd

first episode of ‘thats my werd’ youtube talk show
i guarantee you over time it will pick up and become more live…


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3 Responses to “that’s my werd”

  1. Meghan Says:

    I like the new talk show; very entertaining. I enjoyed the random clip from Killa Season haha. The cinnamon toast crunch was a very good choice. I LOVE the end montage of Vancouver; very soothing and reminiscent of Night Court. Chadio’s maple syrup blunts are top notch.

  2. Megan Wall aka Megan without an H Says:

    cinnamon toast crunch….

    Werd: “this is the shit right here”
    Chad: “i wish i had some of that”
    Werd: “no response” aka “well ya aint gettin none”

    chad wanted cinnamon toast crunch and you didnt share with him.
    that was hilarious to me.

    im really looking forward to Fatt Matts interview!!!

  3. Meghan Says:

    hahahahaha “Megan without an H”

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