sunday… just left some house party


just left some house party where people were wildin out, rolling around on the grizzound. im sitting here watching this wild ass kid… young blaze… he raps waaayyy too fast… personally i could not stand this type of shit but i give it up that he can spit fast(if that’s something to give it up to).

i got on me the new crew neck from it’s alive clothing. they are definitely holding it down… same cats we performed with at the biltmore.
heres a picture of the item of clothing im talking about
it's alive

i found this online on this forum i frequent… i dont know where the original file is from, but it’s hilarious i think
*edit* i received a message from RHEK about where the image is from… it’s a joke about camrons rhyme book… DIPSET DIPSET!!!


here’s a little throwback

mobb deep – survival of the fittest remix



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  1. Rhek Says:

    Check this –

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